artist statement

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My artistic journey began with traditional watercolor painting and gravitated to mixed media and collage. My work traverses the space between design and invention. While I hold to an internal notion of structure; organization; balance; and clarity, I yield to a powerful desire to play and express myself. 

I employ a variety of nontraditional methods and materials. I work spontaneously and intuitively usually beginning with a watercolor painting but with no particular subject matter. I add acrylics, gesso, and collage using a layered technique which emphasizes textures and colors. Some of my paintings are “collaborative” works where family and friends paint or collage individual elements onto the paper.  I ‘edit’ the work, adding and subtracting paint, lifting, removing, and altering materials until an idea or feeling evolves.

The essential idea may be abstract or totally non-objective. Art or the making of it, to me, is the process of assembling materials on various surfaces and responding to the outcome as an idea. My goal is to create a painting with a spirit of its own, using whatever materials contribute to completing the work - including watercolors, pencil, acrylics, and collage.

Since I don’t pre-plan my paintings, they always surprise me at various stages of progression. The start may be an idea or a process that stems from a previous painting. The finished product is a unique entity of textures, colors and design that aims to establish a dialogue - either intellectual or emotional or both - with the viewer.