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Twenty plus years ago I watched a drop of cerulean blue watercolor pigment blossom on wet paper. It was 'love at first splash' and I was hooked on watercolor painting. Since that time, I have been blessed with two beautiful children - Cristina and Zachary - and a loving husband, David. During this time, a career in Clinical Laboratory Technology and recent promotion to Information Technology Laboratory Analyst have kept my left brain busy and fulfilled. My right brain, however, and my artistic pursuits had to take a cranial back seat until recently. Over the past several years, I have participated in several excellent workshops with gifted artist-teachers - including Barbara Nechis, Frank Webb, Eric Weigardt, Karen Rosasco, Pat Dews, Judi Betts, Gerald Brommer, and Skip Lawrence. Rosasco, Dews, and Brommer displayed the endless possibilities and joy of working with acrylic paints and other watermedia, abstract designs, and collage. These sojourns at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops (Greenville,NY) have equipped, inspired and emboldened me to exhibit and enter juried art shows.